Augmented reality lower reciever

Augmented Reality Lower Reciever

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My submission to the Economics and the Immaterial exhibition was based on recent developments in using 3d printers to make gun components (now even entire guns, apparently). I created a simplified 3d model of the Lower Receiver part of the AR-15 assault rifle (the first successfully printed firearm part, as developed by Defence Distibuted's Cody Wilson et al) with animated textures. All my pieces had a slight colloquial 90s internet aesthetic to reference the social history of the technology that is making these guns a reality and the Wilson quote below.

“I don't think we're Utopians, I think the real Utopia is the idea that we can go back to the 1990s and everything will be perfect forever” source

The exhibition consisted of the 'Layar' codes printed and stuck on the wall. A selection of goods designed by each artist were available to buy from the website: t-shirts, tote-bags, posters and postcards.

Featured on Rhizone 'The Week Ahead: Bitcoin is Burning Edition' 20/5/13